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Mortons Media Group Ltd is committed to protecting the privacy of the users of our website. The personally identifiable data such as name, address, telephone number, email address or other information we collect from you is required by us to improve our level of service, to provide you with the information you have requested and develop the content of our website.

General information

Like most companies, we gather information about all of our users collectively, such as what areas users visit most frequently and what services users access the most. We only use such data in a collective format - eg which pages are visited most often.
Please note that, by submitting personally identifiable information, you are consenting to such information being processed for the above listed purpose. Further, you agree that, unless otherwise stated, Mortons Media Group Limited shall have the unrestricted right to use and store on its internal systems, inside the EU, any information provided by you.
The collective information we gather helps us determine what is most beneficial for you, our users, and how we can strive to continually improve our service for your benefit. This industry-standard collective information may be shared with partners, but no data relating to an individual user will be shared - the aggregate logged information is not linked to any personally identifiable information.


'Cookies' are small pieces of information that are stored by your browser on your computer's hard drive. Mortons Media Group Limited uses cookies on our sites, but you can disable them on your PC. On some sites cookies are required to make full use of certain features.

Cookies on this site: None

If you want to delete any cookies that are already on your computer, please refer to the instructions for your file management software to locate the file or directory that stores cookies.

This site is designed so that if you wish to disable cookies, you should be able to access all pages as normal. If you experience any issues, please contact us.

More information on ccokies:

Financial details

If you purchase any of the services we offer online via our websites by use of a credit card, you will be within a secure area of our site. The details of such transaction will be transmitted by secure means (SSL - Secure Socket Layer).
The following secure server is operated solely by Mortons Media Group Limited:
The secure payment site is located with Secure Trading:

Private network areas

To access certain private network areas of our site, you must provide a valid password, which will be provided to you as part of your membership of the individual network. Anyone using these areas should be aware that Mortons Media Group Limited reserves the right to delete any postings in any private forum areas which we deem to be offensive, for example because of profanity, racism, sexism or other forms of abuse. Please contact us via our feedback page if you are offended by or concerned about any postings in these private network areas.

More detailed personal information

In some instances, we may need more specific information about you or your firm. This information may include your name, organisation, address, telephone number, postcode etc. We may, if you so indicate, also use that information to make you aware of additional services in the future that you may find of interest.


We very much welcome your feedback, as an invaluable aid to improving our services. Please submit any feedback to Mortons Media Group Limited via the feedback section of our website. Any feedback you do submit will become the property of Mortons Media Group Limited. We may use this feedback for marketing purposes, but we will seek your written or email approval first should we want to use it.

Our overall policy on information disclosure

Mortons Media Group Limited will not disclose information about your individual visits to our website or any of the personal information that you provide, such as your email address, name, address or telephone number, to any outside parties except when you have given us permission to do so or we believe the law requires us to do so. In some instances (eg online competitions) your details may be passed on to the company providing the prize. In any such case this will be made clear and, by default, your details will not be passed on unless you agree that Mortons Media Group Limited may do so.

If you remain concerned about our information disclosure policy, please contact us via the feedback section on our site, or at the address listed below.

Privacy policy enquiries

If you have any questions about our privacy statement, the practices of the Mortons Media Group Limited website, or your dealings with this website or any of our websites, you can contact us by email:, or at the following address:

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