Mortons Media Group Ltd, is a privately owned publishing and printing company, based in Horncastle, Lincolnshire.

We publish a series of niche sector magazines and we are also contract printers of newspapers. A shows department organises a series of annual events associated to our published products.

We recognise and acknowledge that our operations impact on the environment in a number of ways, including the use of energy for our processes, through emissions to air and water and through the production of waste.

It is our aim to reduce the environmental impact of our business by operating in a responsible manner and having environmental consideration at the heart of our management systems. We commit to comply with applicable legal requirements and with other relevant requirements which relate to our environmental aspects

This policy applies to all of our systems, processes and management decisions. It is management responsibility to ensure staff are trained and competent to fulfill our obligations under this policy.

Directors and managers will set targets for minimising our impact on the environment by aiming to reduce energy consumption, material usage and waste.

Monitoring of our progress in achieving our environmental objectives will be carried out at regular departmental management meetings.  Continuous improvement in our performance will be achieved through regular monitoring of our performance, taking appropriate actions to ensure targets are met and through the setting of new ones.

This policy will be included in the Induction of new staff to our company and is available to anyone who wants a copy through our web site at If you would like further information about the policy or our progress in achieving our objectives please call Michael Gill, on 01507 523456.

We operate a policy of openness and we will make available on request any environmental information relevant to our processes which may have a significant impact.

Specific actions to be taken to reduce the impact our processes have on the environment:

Paper usage

Paper is our main raw material and our biggest source of material waste. The diverse nature of our printed products means that paper wastage can rise or fall, depending on the complexity of each job.

• We will identify best practice in press and print management by monitoring outputs from press activity.
• We will monitor each product and identify best practice target figures, which will become our benchmark for achievement.

Mortons Green Team

Mortons staff have embraced the Company’s environmental aims and formed a ‘green team’ to seek out opportunities to help reduce the overall environmental footprint. The team, made up of staff from across the business have encouraged others to reduce the amount of disposable cups being used by bringing their own drinking cups and they have set up a scheme to recycle drinks cans.

In turn, this is encouraging others to put forward ideas through the ‘Environmental Bright Sparks’ intranet portal, where adopted ideas are rewarded with a cash value voucher.

Mortons Media Group Ltd.

Mortons Media Group Limited produces a large range of magazine titles in classic & modern motorcycle areas, scootering, heritage railways and lifestyle.

Mortons Events operates over 30 shows and events across the UK catering for a range of enthusiast audiences. From classic bike shows to Autojumbles, off-road motorcycles to classic cars; we entertain over a million people every year.

Mortons Print offers the very latest in web offset newspaper printing technology to ensure your publication is produced time after time to the highest quality in printed media.

Mortons Archive is Europe’s largest motorcycle archive containing thousands upon thousands of photographs, glass plates, books, manuals and original documents is available for media use.

Mortons Books are committed to producing quality publications on a range of topics – from railway, military and aviation history to consumer issues, hobbies, crime and politics.

Mortons Mailing can provide you with a wide range of services, from single letters to polywrapped multi-insert packs, saving you time and money without compromising on service or quality.